Love at first sight — An update on Chester

14th Sep 2020

Over 5 years ago, this lovely dog Chester came into our care in the most appalling state. He came from the Myshall puppy farm, so you know the condition he was in, without us going into details.

Five years ago, we thought we had found his forever home, but a few weeks ago his owner contacted us asking if we could take Chester back, as there had been a change in the family’s circumstances. We were only too delighted to take Chester back, but we were concerned for his wellbeing, would he fret for his owner or worse still would he shut down, so many of the Myshall dogs were completely shut down and took a long time to rehabilitate.

We placed Chester with fosterer Louise and straight away Chester settled in, his tail never stopped wagging. After a couple of days, it was like he was there all his life. He got on great with his fosterer’s dogs, cats and all the other animals, loved his walks and everyone he met was mad about him.

Chester was just over a week in foster care, when a visitor to his fosterer spotted Chester out of the corner of her eye and immediately asked about him. As soon as she met him, she fell in love with him and knew she was going to adopt him. The lady phoned our dog coordinator when she got home to discuss the possibility of adopting Chester.

An application was submitted within an hour of the phone call, a home check was done straight away and passed. Chester when off to his fabulous new home 2 weeks to the day after coming back into our care. Again he settled in straight away, he has two lovely dogs and cats for company, as well as a family who just adore him.

After such a horrific start in life, Chester is so forgiving of humans, he loves people, takes everything in his stride and just gets on with enjoying life. Chester, you are one amazing dog. Have a wonderful happy life.