Hiccup and Bigfoot

13th Sep 2020

There’s so many bittersweet moments in fostering and today was one of them for one of our fosterers.

While Monika was trapping a colony for neutering, she came upon these two 10 day old kittens crawling around in the mud, Their mother, only a kitten herself, had little interest in them.

The only chance of survival was to take them home. She called them Hiccup and Big Foot and syringe fed them every two hours and through the night. These two little boys stole her heart as they got bigger and cuter and she wrestled with the idea of parting with them.

They are now 12 weeks old and have been vaccinated and neutered. While she was so sad to see them go today, she was also happy to see them go to such a loving home. A home that had also fallen in love with them from the start and were prepared to wait for this day. Best of luck Hiccup and Big Foot and a big 👏 for Monika and all the great work our fosterers do.