Invisible Cats

21st Jun 2019

A big shout out to Colm, a Portlaoise postman, who rang in about this very sick cat. He had noticed it on his rounds in The Garden Village yesterday and thought it didn’t look well.

However, on his rounds today it was still hanging around and looked considerably worse. He rang Vet-care, who rang us. At this stage Colm had the cat in his bag. We got a volunteer out ASAP who took the cat into Vetcare. Unfortunately, the news was not good. The cat was skin and bone and tested positive for fiv and Felv. The only humane thing was to end this poor cat’s suffering.

I’m sure there were others who saw this poor cat in between post times. It only takes a phone call. A cat’s suffering is real; no less than ours when we are unwell. Unfortunately, they can’t help themselves, they depend on the empathy of humans. Luckily Colm had that empathy. An Post should be very proud of you.