Meet Squid. Squid is a 16 week old male mainly black cat with a little white patch on his chest and green eyes.

Personality :

He’s very kind , gentle and playful little boy . He is so brave , loves to try new things and is great around kids and other cats especially smaller cats or kittens , he teaches them how to be a cat .Squid isn’t a fan of being picked up but doesn’t get aggressive if he is picked up, he just will squirm until you put him down or will crawl on your shoulder. In fact his favourite place to sit is on your shoulder , sometimes he thinks he is a parrot . He prefers to come to you first for cuddles. He thinks he’s sneaky and can camouflage into anything but he’s actually very obvious,He also very fast. He loves playing with cat toys , especially loves to play ball . Unfortunately irish team don’t accept cats on the team .

Likes :Under chin scratches, Toys , balls especially.

Ham and chicken , Climbing and Cardboard Boxes.

Loves his food as you will see by his gorgeous shiny coat .

Dislikes ;

Loud noises, Water

Randomly being touched or picked up .

Squid is litter trained , he has been wormed , nuetered , microchipped , has had first vaccinations. And is getting his second one on Friday the 24th and will be available for rehoming.

Squid has been an amazing guest in our nuerodiverse house , 2 of his Fosterers have autism and squid is so gentle and kind . From knowing when not to approach to giving the girls a little cuddle or laugh for support on a tough day and he is fascinated by sensory toys.

Any home with children or teens who love to play or relax would be so lucky to have a little friend like squid . He has been the best little house guest. Complete the adoption form https://lspca.ie/application-forms/cat-adoption-application DAFM no KPT200001C

If you are interested in adopting Squid, please fill in our our cat adoption application form, or call our cat coordinator on (085) 2397059.

DAFM No KPT 200001C