This is Mia. Mia is an older female cat (around 10 – 12 yrs old), who sleeps a lot both during the night and day. She usually doesn’t try to wake us up at early hours of the morning to demand food, but she’s delighted when we show up in the kitchen to feed her. She’s not very fond of being picked up, but she will regularly ask to pet her or come and sit on someone’s lap when she’s ready. She was very docile when treated at the vet’s or during nail clipping and washing.

She’s fully domesticated and uses the litterbox regularly. Due to foster rules, she wasn’t allowed to go outside, but she never asked to be let out either. She doesn’t tolerate other cats. Not dog tested with dogs (but she didn’t mind at all when a friendly dog was sniffing her carrier at Vetcare). She has no interest in a cat tower, so she probably doesn’t need one. She likes to play with a teaser though. It would be lovely for her to find a quiet home. To adopt Mia, complete the adoption form https://lspca.ie/application-forms/cat-adoption-application DAFM no KPT200001C

If you are interested in adopting Mia, please fill in our our cat adoption application form, or call our cat coordinator on (085) 2397059.

DAFM No KPT 200001C