Meet Pistachio and Hazelnut. 12 weeks old. The dynamic duo! Rescued in October, these two adorable kittens have been thriving in a loving foster home.

Pistachio and Hazelnut are inseparable, and their bond is as strong as their playful spirit. They adore humans, relishing in cuddles and playtime. Living exclusively indoors, they’ve mastered the art of climbing and have an undeniable affection for treats. These delightful kittens come as a pair, seeking a forever home where they can continue their adventures together.

Adopt Pistachio and Hazelnut for a double dose of joy and companionship! Complete the adoption form https://lspca.ie/application-forms/cat-adoption-application DAFM no KPT200001C

If you are interested in adopting Hazelnut, please fill in our our cat adoption application form, or call our cat coordinator on (085) 2397059.

DAFM No KPT 200001C