Meet Greg. Greg is 6 months old. He is a real little character and loves to play! His second favourite activity is lap warming. He is an ideal home office companion for the winter, your lap will never get chilly! We think he is a neuro diverse cat as he doesn’t show affection in the usual way. He is not much of a purr-er or a head bumper but he loves to escort the human during chores. He likes to sit on the counter watching while the washing up happens, he will follow you around for outside jobs and will wait patiently while you finish. He loves to hang out beside his human or lie on their legs. He loves the lurcher in his foster home, if he’s not snoozing beside the human he’ll be stealing heat from the dog! He likes dogs and children. He loves other cats and would like to be adopted into a home with another cat or with one of his foster siblings for ongoing play. To adopt Greg complete the cat adoption form DAFM no KPT200001C

If you are interested in adopting Greg, please fill in our our cat adoption application form, or call our cat coordinator on (085) 2397059.

DAFM No KPT 200001C