Risk Assessment Policy

Corporate Governance

Hold regular meetings of the Board where all items on the agenda are discussed and decisions minuted.

All directors sign a confidentiality form and are aware of the conflict of interests.

We have a private Facebook page where any matters arising can be discussed on a daily basis.


Lack of public trust. We display the Governance and Transparency page on our website. Any complaints are dealt with in accordance with our complaints policy.
All volunteers are given a copy of our volunteer policy and any deviances are dealt with promptly.


A full report on the financial situation is given at every Board meeting and expenditure adjusted if necessary.

Insurance cover is with ISPCA and with the private insurer for our charity shop.

Accounts audited every year and methods of recording finances approved.

Health Risk

All animals are kept in foster homes so any outbreak of infectious disease can be isolated in that one location.

In the case of a countrywide virus such as COVID 19, the advice of the HSE will be followed.

All directors are aware of GDPR

Updated 22/6/2020