Utterly Appalling Neglect

6th Feb 2013

We received a call from a lady who rang looking for help for a stray dog that had turned up on her doorstep, she said it was in a bad way. It was late, but Jimmy, one of our Volunteers, went to meet the lady with the dog with the intention of holding it for the night. The sight he saw was horrifying and the decision was quickly made to make an emergency call to Keira the Vet in Portlaoise Veterinary Clinic, Fairgreen, who came in at 11.30 at night to meet them.Keira was equally horrified, describing it as the worst case of neglect she has ever seen alive. This poor dog is utterly emaciated, bones are visibly protruding, her skin is infected and her hair is falling out due to the malnutrition. Her teeth are rotten, black and foul-smelling and many of them will have to be removed. She is currently on a drip and we’re hopeful she will pull through as her blood tests were clear (it was a struggle to get a vein) Thanks, once again to Keira, and also to the kind lady who contacted us about this poor girl. Her name is Allie, please keep her in your thoughts.