Update on Rosie

26th Apr 2018

As some of you may remember, Rosie came into our care with a broken leg that had already healed and left her in a lot of pain. Rosie had a plate and pins inserted to reline her broken bones and straighten her deformed leg. Everything seemed to be going well for the first couple of weeks and she even started putting weight on the leg. Unfortunately last week, she stopped using her leg and was in a lot of pain and the decision was made to amputate her leg. Rosie was admitted to Vet Care on Monday morning and her leg was removed in the afternoon. She stayed overnight in the vets and returned to her foster home yesterday afternoon. She is coping extremely well without it, as before she just kept it lifted up and it was extremely painful. She is much more happier now and even though it was major surgery, with her pain medication she is a happy girl. We are now hoping that she is heading down the road to recovery and no more pain. This little lady deserves the best as she is the sweetest girl.