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Sweet Maisie Update

1st Sep 2015

Many of you may remember this little girl. She came into our care from the Myshall Puppy farm. She was in a horrific condition….we couldn’t believe what we saw when she arrived by us. She was skin and bone and her hind leg was a oozing stub. The other hind paw was rotting away too. We had never seen anything like it before and the pain this little mite must of been going through is not even imaginable. She went straight into foster care with an experienced foster and her story begins there. Her foster took her constantly to the vets to get her hind legs seen too. Between a veterinary nurse and herself they made padding for her stump and made sure it was kept clean on a daily basis and she was only allowed on soft surfaces. Through all of this, this little girl remained the sweetest pet ever. Her paw was saved with just a little deformation, but nothing that hinders her. With constant care and making sure she didn’t over do it on her other leg, her stub started healing and she has learnt to adapt to it. If the ground she is walking on is hard she will lift her leg, on soft surfaces she will use it, causing no further injury to the stub. We were very fortunate to be in contact with Noel Fitzpatrick, the Super-vet and because she is doing so well, the decision was made to let her carry on. It is a hard decision as she is an elderly girl and surgery would be very tough on her and long and painful, where as at the moment she is happy and pain free for once in her life. It is unbelievable how brave this little girl has been and has repaid her foster mommy by being her shadow. Her foster mommy could not think of ever letting her little shadow go, so Maisie has now got her forever home. Between you and me they did it as a team. We are thrilled for you Maisie and your foster mommy Tina.

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