Poor cat blinded by cat flu

15th Sep 2012

This evening we were called by two very kind people who had seen a cat which appeared to be blind. Two of our volunteers responded and met the girls who made the report and quickly found the cat. They managed to grab the frightened and disorientated animal and bundled her into a waiting cat carrier where the full extent of her condition could be clearly seen. She was blind in both eyes, most probably due to untreated cat-flu and her right eyeball had ruptured completely leaving the poor creature in excruciating pain. There was little option but to put her to sleep and free her from her pain as quickly as possible. All this could have been prevented very easily. We are continually appealing to people to spay and neuter their cats and to a large extent our pleas are falling on deaf ears. This cat could have been the offspring of someone’s pet, or the offspring of the kitten they found a ‘good home’ for. Moreover this cat did not get into this condition overnight, how long had it been sick before it was fortunate enough to cross the path of our callers today? Please please please, spay and neuter your cats by the time they are 4 months old. Help stop the suffering.