Plea of a Feral Cat

Plea Of A Feral Cat

3rd Mar 2015

Hello, I am a homeless cat and I live in Co. Laois. I was born in a house but when myself and my brothers and sisters were very young we were abandoned in a box at the side of the road and told we were not wanted. We all went off in different ways and now I live under a hedge in someone’s garden.

I have been told that if I am not taken to the vet for an operation, I will have 3 litters of kittens this year and by the end of 2015, my first litter will have their own kittens. This means that by next Christmas, there will be over 20 of us. There will not be enough food for all of us and we will get sick. However, you could help because the Laois SPCA will arrange to catch feral cats in a way that does not hurt us, as we are too frightened of humans to allow them to touch us and THEY WILL PAY for the operation providing we are allowed to return to your garden.

Please, please help us now as the big tom cats are around now and …….. you know the rest of the story! It could be or one of my brothers or sisters who live under your hedge or decking or if we are very lucky in the shelter of your shed. We could promise to control any mouse or rat population in return for some food and water.

If you are prepared to help us, please contact the Cat Lady on 085 2397059. If you have a tame cat and wish to have it neutered (from 4 months upwards) so that others are not thrown out of their home as we were, and you are on Social Welfare please ring the other Cat Lady on 087 6883333 and she will send you a voucher towards the cost, but please contact them TODAY