Pepper & Ginger’s story

28th Dec 2019

These two lovely dogs were surrendered into our care, and this is their story.

“Hi we’re brothers, Pepper and Ginger, and we are devastated. You see, our wonderful owner — who adored us for 13 years —passed away suddenly, and no one in her family could take us. Only for the Laois SPCA made room for us, we don’t know what would have happened to us. We keep hoping it’s only a dream that our owner is gone, but when we wake up, we realise we’ll never see her again.

We are now in foster care, but will be looking for a new home after Christmas. We are two lovely boys, so gentle and well behaved; you’d hardly know we were in the house. All we need is a quiet house where we can potter around. Even though we are 13 years old we are very healthy, we are neutered, and have always had our vaccinations and regular vet checks. All we need is eye drops once a day and this is not expensive.
If you can offer us a loving home, please contact 0864169559.”

We are looking to rehome these 2 dogs together, they are very united and it wouldn’t be fair to separate them after 13 years together.