More Dumping

13th Oct 2014

Well aren’t we a lovely society. Some people obviously can dump living creatures with no remorse and no conscience. This lovely mammy cat was dumped in The Swan, Laois with her six gorgeous kittens. Just imagine, trying to feed six kittens, forage for food herself to maintain her milk supply with no shelter from the rain and no access to regular meals. We had a reduced neutering scheme in February, two more in July and August where people on low incomes could get a cat spayed for slightly more than the price of a packet of cigarettes. Obviously the cigarettes won out!! This is a disgusting thing to do and speaks volumes about the type of person that would do this. Our fosterers have been struggling since February to deal with the amount of sick, injured and abandoned kittens that most people turn a blind eye to. Most of our fosterers have kittens into double figures as well as their own animals. To add insult to injury, we then have people ring up expecting us help rehome their kittens where they ‘just haven’t got around to’ neutering their cat. For God’s sake, cop on and deal with your responsibilities. Don’t get an animal if you are not prepared to see it through and look after them. But thanks to a heavily pregnant lady who was due to have her baby the following day for getting this little family into our care and into safe hands.