Little Foal Found in Woods

13th Sep 2012

Last night we received a call from someone who had seen a horse in poor condition in the woods near Shaen Hospital, Portlaoise. It was getting dark so two volunteers went out to see if they could see anything. After an hour or so, this little thing was spotted behind bushes, as you can see, only a baby of a few weeks old. He was weak but allowed them to guide him slowly to the barrier entrance. The barbed wire to the side of the barrier had been snipped where it would appear the foal was pushed on through and into the woods. They hadn’t removed all of the barbed wire so two people lifted the foal over the barrier rather than leave him there any longer as at this stage he was struggling to stand. He was brought to one of our excellent fosterers who had a stable waiting for him on our arrival. The Vet arrived shortly afterwards and examined him, he’s very thin, has an obvious worm-burden and his belly was gurgling loudly. He was also quite dehydrated. He was given antibiotics and an oral paste to help line his stomach, water and hay which he happily accepted (wasn’t sure about the feed or what to do with it). He has improved overnight and we hope he will continue to. Thanks go to the person who called us, the people who helped get him out of where he was, the Vet and to the kind fosterer for opening her doors to another lost soul late at night. To the excuses for humans who dumped him to die, we can only hope that you one day soon develop some empathy for the helpless creatures you so easily discard, your actions are sickening. If anyone is in a position to help financially with his care, we would be very grateful, no matter how small. We are really struggling financially so every cent is hugely appreciated. Donations can be made through our Donate button