Kittens Found in Borris-in-Ossory

24th Sep 2017

Once again humans demonstrate how callous and cruel they can be. These poor little things were found in the middle of an old road just off Knock Rd, Borris in Ossory by one of our Fosterers. They came running to her (well at least one did) as soon as she got out of the car. The little ginger boy couldn’t see where he was going as his eyes were stuck together. Both of them have bad cat flu, only 3–4 weeks old and not a house in sight. They would have slowly and agonisingly died had she not come upon them. How would they have got there on their own? Friendly, and not a mother in sight. Their eyes have now been cleaned and are being treated with antibiotic drops. They will be examined by the vet first thing tomorrow morning. They are lapping up kitten milk and weaning food as they were starving. Is there any humanity in some humans?

Kittens B-i-O 2

Kittens B-i-O 1

Kittens B-i-O 4

Kittens B-i-O 3