Kitten season

Kitten Season Again!

16th May 2015

Here we are again, right back to where we are this time every year. Already, this week, (and its only Tuesday) we’ve had several calls of kittens being born in sheds, under decking, in the ditch. These kittens didn’t just appear there – their mothers were regular visitors to gardens, some being fed for weeks. We are boring ourselves at this point, reiterating RING US WHEN ONE STRAY TURNS UP, not when she has had a litter of kittens and possibly pregnant with another. It is the breeding season. If they are not already neutered, they will breed, simple as. Our foster space is limited, we don’t have a cattery, we take them into our own homes. It is not possible for us to take a feral mother with kittens because she will be completely stressed out. All we can do is wait to allow her to feed her kittens to at least 4 or 5 weeks, then try to get the kittens and trap and spay her before she goes on to repeat all this. So PLEASE don’t wait for the inevitable kittens, because we won’t be able to help you. Try to tackle this before the problem gets bigger.