In Memory of Nell

6th Jun 2023

The gorgeous Nell sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday. Nell, you may remember came into our care in December 2021, in a shocking state. She was found straying, her ears were so badly matted they were dragging the ground, her little body was covered in mange, she had mammary tumours, her eyes were swollen so she couldn’t see and she had been bred within an inch of her life. Despite all the cruelty, Nell after surgery and plenty of tlc made a full recovery and turned out to be such a lovely dog.
The day Nell came into our care we promised her we would find her a 5 star home and sure enough when Nell was fully recovered we didn’t let her down. Cindy sent in an application to adopt Nell, it was the perfect home and from the moment Nell went to live with Cindy and her lovely family, she blossomed. Nell must have thought she was in paradise, she was loved and cherished from the day she was adopted till the day she passed away. Nell travelled the length and breath of the country with Cindy transporting dogs from Pounds to different rescues, when Nell saw the suitcases coming out, there was no holding her back, she knew she was going on special trips to the beach, she loved her treats, especially sausages, she loved when Patrick, Cindy’s husband came in from work so she could cuddle up beside on the couch. Nell touched the hearts of everyone who met her, she was such a special girl.
Sadly, last month a lump was found on Nell’s tummy. When she was checked by the vet, four lumps were found, so Nell went in for surgery on the 23 May to have the lumps removed. Tumours were sent away for testing, everything came back clear and Nell was healing nicely. Unfortunately, last Thursday, Nell just wasn’t herself, and by the afternoon Cindy brought to her vet. Sadly, Nell’s previous life of cruelty and neglect had taken its toll on her heart and nothing could be done to save her.
Nell’s family are just broken hearted at her loss, Nell was the light of their lives, Cindy even had booked a special trip this weekend for the 3 of them. Thank you so much for the wonderful home and life you gave Nell.
Please, please when getting a puppy, think of Nell, how she suffered, how she taken from her family far too soon and don’t buy a puppy.
Adopt, rescues are all full at the moment. Don’t let Nell’s passing be in vain.
Sleep well beautiful Nell.

(The last two pictures are of Nell, the day she was found.)