Heart Warming Story to End 2014

4th Jan 2015

In May 2013 we got a call from a very concerned lady Jen. Her dog had found an extremely small kitten and had brought it to her but she didn’t know what to do. She drove the kitten through to one of our fosters who had a cat in her care that had given birth a few weeks earlier. All our fingers where crossed that Kimmy would take this kitten as her own. With gentle introduction and supervision, she accepted this very small kitten as her own. He was named Diesel and he flourished. Jen would phone constantly to see how he was doing and even came to visit Diesel with her daughter Hollie. When Diesel was ready to be rehomed, Jen and her daughter jumped at the chance to adopt him. We constantly get updates on him, but we got a stunning photo of him on his year anniversary and as you can see, he is just a stunner.
The foster who had Diesel was in Vet Care for an appointment with one of her fosters when she was given a letter that had been handed in for her.
It was a letter from Hollie, Diesels family. Hollie had saved her pocket money for 10 weeks to help the animals in our care. Her mom then doubled what she had saved and we received this most heart warming letter and €100.
Youngsters get a raw deal when it comes to animals, but when they have been taught that an animal deserves to be treated nicely and have feelings you are then uplifted and feel privileged to be part of something as special as this.
We would like to thank Hollie and her mom Jen, not just for the donation, but for everything they did for Diesel and all the other animals they have helped along the way…Thank You!

Little girl's letter

Girl's letter — kittens 1 Girl's letter — kittens 2 Girl's letter — kittens 3