Dog Baiting

24th Mar 2015

For any of you who may not understand the reality of what goes on in ‘dog baiting’ here is short excerpt explaining the brutality of it. Our little staffie spent a relatively comfortable night and will be thoroughly examined and treated by the vets today now that he is not in as much shock. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment and condemn this act. We understand the majority of people are as horrified and upset as we are. We have had a lot of comments and msgs from people asking how they can donate. The following are ways: text donate LSPCA to 50300. Click on our iDonate symbol at top left of the page, donate through or leave a donation into Vetcare Portlaoise or our Charity shop in Hynds Square Portlaoise. Thank you for your support and a full update of his condition will be posted in the afternoon when we know more.

Dog Bait