Christmas puppies

Christmas Puppies

8th Jan 2015

Like most rescues, we do not rehome animals in the lead up to Christmas. We implore people not to get animals during this time as most people are far too busy already during this season to have the time to devote to settling an animals into their family life. We ask people not to give animals as presents, as most times, people are not prepared for an animal or may not even want one.

This little 12 week old guy was bought just before Christmas on Donedeal for €100. No home-check was done, just puppy was handed over and money was taken. If this was a rescue, it would have been apparent from the home-check that the lady who purchased him was not prepared for a puppy and would not have been able to cope. The Christmas decorations were not even down before this puppy was brought to the nearest vets to request that someone take him as she was not able to care for him. She was a nice lady, but totally unprepared. THIS is why we ask people not to get animals at Christmas, not to buy off sites like Donedeal and to think long and hard before they make the commitment of taking on an animal.

This little guy was terrified when he came in at first, not knowing where he was going to be put next. He has since settled down and is a loving, playful little guy who just wants to feel secure. He will be getting his 1st vaccination this week. He will be fully vaccinated and micro-chipped before going to his new home, which will be home-checked to make sure whoever takes him knows what they are taking on and that this little lad can have some sort of stability in his life. If you are interested in Milo, please call 086 4169559