Midland Tree Services to the Rescue

We received a call early Friday morning from a lady in Abbeyleix about a cat that had come into her about a week ago. She had been feeding her, but her dog, wanting to play, frightened her and she ran up a Monkey Puzzle tree. It was obvious after a while that she could not get down on her own. They made every attempt to get her down including climbing a ladder as far as they could go, to no avail. Friday was Day 4 and she was now at the top of an 80 ft tree crying, hungry and obviously in distress and so we were contacted for help. Knowing we faced a very tricky situation we contacted a tree surgeon, Frank from Midland Tree Services. After listening to the details, Frank said he was currently on a job in Monasterevin but would try to get there as quickly as he could. Just over an hour later Frank and his main climber Barry were on site and ready for the rescue. What followed was remarkable to witness but after many hours out in the rain and cold, they were successful in getting the cat safely down. She didn't hang around long enough to thank the guys, running off swiftly when she was back on the ground, so we'd appreciate it if all you animal lovers out there could like the their Facebook page and use them if you ever need the services of a tree surgeon. They did everything free of charge and were genuinely concerned about the cat. Nicer people you could not meet! Very talented too :) You can find them at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Midland-tree-services-Ltd/337219192975843?fref=ts