Forgotten Felines

Well in excess of 20 cats left behind after a property is repossessed in Laois. Will this make the headlines in any of our national newspapers? Probably not! However, if it was dogs, there would be some chance. Why is there such little regard for cats in this country. Cats can't take themselves off to the vet to get neutered or when they are ill. They depend on people to look after their needs. Ok, they hunt and feral cats survive out there, but, that is what it is - Survival. Only the strongest survive. Any of them that are in any way weak, will succumb to the cold weather, the battle for food and to viruses they will come in contact with. 

We are currently working with the ISPCA to deal with this present colony. Our Volunteers are going out every day to feed them. Two were taken into the Vet today and we hope to have them all in by next week. Unfortunately, it was too late for one of them and he was humanely euthanised to prevent further suffering. The other one has been started on antibiotics. Many of them look sick, so they will all be assessed by the Vet. This puts a huge strain on resources, i.e. fosterspace, food, veterinary fees. We urge people if you have a stray cat or a few strays, contact us and we can help with neutering. A situation like this doesn't take long to escalate if action isn't taken and if you have a pet, please neuter it, there are already too many kittens out there and not enough good homes.

If you can help, by donating cat food, either to our shop in Hynds Square or to Vetcare, Portlaoise, it would be greatly appreciated or you can also help by texting LSPCA to 50300 to donate €4. We need your support.