Forgotten Felines

30/01/2016 17:25

Well in excess of 20 cats left behind after a property is repossessed in Laois. Will this make the headlines in any of our national newspapers? Probably not! However, if it was dogs, there would be some chance....

Time To Get Your Cat Neutered!

29/01/2016 16:08

For the month of February, in conjunction with Vetcare, Portlaoise, we are running a reduced price cat neutering scheme...

Garryhinch Husky Pups

03/12/2015 21:44

Monday this week we took in 4 out of the 9 husky pups that were found in Garryhinch woods and Cara took 5. Unfortunately....


22/09/2015 22:31

We would like to thank all those who attended our AGM on Monday 21st Sept. We really appreciate...

Daisy and Dolly's Story

01/09/2015 21:23

These 2 beauties are Daisy and Dolly. They came into our care from the Myshall Puppy farm. All the stories of our puppies and dogs from this hell hole, have all had a happy ending and no matter how bad a state they were in or how scared some of them were...

Sweet Maisie Update

01/09/2015 21:09

Many of you may remember this little girl. She came into our care from the Myshall Puppy farm. She was in a horrific condition. We couldn't believe what we saw when she arrived by us...

Another Reason To Spay Your Cat

25/07/2015 15:47

This defenceless little 3-4 week old kitten was found in a shed today being attacked by a dog...

Wild Birds!

05/07/2015 17:43

We are receiving many calls regarding baby birds that have fallen out of the nest. The advice given by "Irish Wildlife Matters" is to...

Know Where Your Dog Came From!

16/05/2015 12:32

Laois SPCA took 23 of these dogs. We have rehomed one already, two will be going shortly, but some still have a long way to go...

Kitten Season Again

16/05/2015 12:25

Here we are again, right back to where we are this time every year. Already, this week, (and its only Tuesday) we've had several calls of kittens being born...

Woody Pulled Through!

16/05/2015 12:13

We are delighted to tell you all that Woody has been making great progress. He has had his tubes removed and is eating...

**Woody Update**

11/05/2015 21:46

As you are already aware this lovely boy has been admitted to UCD Veterinary Hospital today. He was sedated and underwent tests and X-rays. His laryngeal function and bloods came back normal. However...

A Beautiful And Special Day On The Way!

05/05/2015 12:46

Most couples would consider their Wedding Day as being the most momentous and important day of their lives. This is no less true for Yvette and Tim who will make a lifelong commitment to each other on 27th June of this year. However, instead of the day focusing on themselves...

We are lost for words!!

26/04/2015 13:25

On Monday, Liz from Petworld, Portlaoise had heard the full story of all the dogs/puppies that had been rescued from the puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow. She desperately wanted to help in some way...

Carlow Puppy Farm

22/04/2015 22:16

Many of you will know about the closure of a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow, where over 350 dogs/puppies were seized by the ISPCA. These animals were living in horrendous conditions and there were dead animals scattered everywhere. As some of you will know...

***Special Appeal***

17/04/2015 17:54

You are probably aware by now of the closure of a puppy farm in Myshall, Carlow. As usual, it is the rescues who are left to deal with the fallout of these callous breeders...


14/04/2015 14:50

We got a call this afternoon from a very distressed lady about a horse tied up to a gate with a wound to her neck. Volunteers responded immediately and to their horror...

Buzz Update!

31/03/2015 22:01

Hiz everyone. Well yous was all right, i needs not of been scared having my eye operation today...

Dog Neutering Scheme

31/03/2015 18:54

We are seeing the pictures everyday, puppies left at the side of the road, dumped outside Pounds...

Little Buzz has a smile on his face today!

29/03/2015 22:30

He made great improvement today. His wound is healing well and he is off his drip for fluids...


28/03/2015 11:49

We have had several reports of youths in fields across from Cullenwood...

Buzz when found

27/03/2015 12:17

Words can not describe this!!!!...

Buzz Update

25/03/2015 21:57

Buzz had a relatively comfortable night again last night. But today he is a little more withdrawn and seems slightly depressed too. His poor body is so weak from trying to fight the infection he has....

Update On Our Little Staffie

24/03/2015 20:30

Our Staffie boy has now been named Buzz...

Dog Baiting

24/03/2015 13:08

For any of you who may not understand the reality of what goes on in 'dog baiting' here is short excerpt explaining the brutality of it...

**Warning Graphic Photos**

24/03/2015 12:51

We received a call this afternoon from a young lady who said she had found a dog tied to a tree in a terrible condition. One of our volunteers responded immediately to the call and found the dog in a housing estate in Portlaoise, tied to a tree. The dog had been hidden in bushes and was well hidden away from the public eye...

Plea Of A Feral Cat

03/03/2015 12:28

Hello, I am a homeless cat and I live in Co. Laois. I was born in a house but when myself and my brothers and sisters were very young we were abandoned in a box at the side of the road and told we were not wanted. We all went off in different ways and now I live under a hedge in someone's garden.

Give Feral Cats A Better Life

10/02/2015 13:38

For several years now Laois SPCA have been running a Trap, Neuter and Return Scheme (TNR) for feral cats. This 6 month old female was trapped this morning. She has been neutered, treated for parasites, had her ears cleaned and treated for ear mites. She will never know the hardship of bringing a litter of kittens into the world....

Woody - A Survivor

29/01/2015 13:11


Early yesterday evening, one of our volunteers decided to take her dogs for a walk at Emo Woods, not realizing how distressing her evening was about to come. On entering the woods, she could hear a puppy yelping in the distance....

Come Along To Our Adoption Day!

21/01/2015 00:00

Join us on our adoption day this Saturday 24th in Petworld, Portlaoise from 12 - 3pm. Come and meet some of the animals in our care who are waiting for their forever homes. They will be very excited to meet and greet! Hope to see you there.

Christmas Puppies

08/01/2015 17:26

Like most rescues, we do not rehome animals in the lead up to Christmas. We implore people not to get animals during this time as most people are far too busy already during this season to have the time to devote to settling an animals into their family life. We ask people not to give animals as presents, as most times, people are not prepared for an animal or may not even want one. This little 12 week old guy....

Heart Warming Story To End 2014

04/01/2015 17:25

In May 2013 we got a call from a very concerned lady Jen. Her dog had found an extremely small kitten and had brought it to her but she didn't know what to do. She drove the kitten through to one of our fosters who had a cat in her care that had given birth a few weeks earlier. All our fingers where crossed that Kimmy would take this kitten as her own. With gentle introduction and supervision, she accepted this very small kitten as her own. He was named Diesel and he flourished.

Wanted! - Foster Care Volunteers

10/12/2014 23:11

Do you love dogs of all sizes but cannot commit to one of your own? Would you love company for the dark winter nights? The Laois SPCA is looking for voluntary fosterers for the dogs in their care.

Another Warning!

04/12/2014 15:17

Please be more aware than ever about people going around stealing dogs. At this time of year everyone needs money for Christmas but the majority of us do not cause misery to animals and other people to get it.

Keep Your Cats Safe

29/11/2014 21:18

We often have people worrying about their cats if they live near a busy road or if they don't want their cats straying into other peoples' gardens. Here is a job that was done in one of our volunteer/fosterer's garden.

Food Appeal

21/11/2014 21:36

A massive thank you for all donations at our food appeal in Laois Shopping Centre.

Trap, Neuter and Return

15/11/2014 18:06

We regularly advertise that we run a Trap, Neuter and Return scheme where we provide humane cat traps, neuter the cats and return them back to the area.

Join Our Team!

10/11/2014 12:56

Foster volunteers needed.

Watch Your Dogs!

23/10/2014 18:20

We have just got a report of a man on the Block Rd, Portlaoise selling Persian rugs.

Lost & Found

19/10/2014 20:19

Kitten Rescue

16/10/2014 18:45

Imagine dumping two six week old kittens in a ditch in a remote area. Well some excuse for a human did just that.

More Dumping

13/10/2014 22:27

Allie Update

06/02/2013 22:19

Utterly Appalling Neglet

06/02/2013 22:10

Midland Tree Service to the Rescue

29/01/2013 21:30

We received a call early Friday morning from a lady in Abbeyleix about a cat that had come into her about a week ago. She had been feeding her, but her dog, wanting to play, frightened her and she ran up a Monkey Puzzle tree. It was obvious after a while that she could not get down on her own.

Dramatic Rescue

29/01/2013 20:59

Friday night, we received a call from a lady who's kitten was trapped in a drain. Two of our Volunteers called over and found that the curious kitten (don't worry, it's a happy ending) had crawled into an open pipe outside the back door.

Dogs Found in the Slieve Bloom Mountains

11/01/2013 22:50

We received a call late this afternoon to say that an adult dog and 2 pups were seen in the Glendine Glenregan area of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. Both the dog and the puppies appeared in poor condition, quite thin and very nervous. When this was first reported it was assumed that it was a mammy and her 2 pups but it turned out to be a male dog and 2 female puppies.

Poor cat blinded by cat flu *caution, graphic photos*

15/09/2012 22:29

This evening we were called by two very kind people who had seen a cat which appeared to be blind. Two of our volunteers responded and met the girls who made the report and quickly found the cat. They managed to grab the frightened and disorientated animal and bundled her into a waiting cat carrier where the full extent of her condition could be clearly seen. She was blind in both eyes, most probably due to untreated cat-flu and her right eyeball had ruptured completely.

Little Foal Found in Woods

13/09/2012 23:23

Last night we received a call from someone who had seen a horse in poor condition in the woods near Shaen Hospital, Portlaoise. It was getting dark so two volunteers went out to see if they could see anything. After an hour or so, this little thing was spotted behind bushes, as you can see, only a baby of a few weeks old.

Feral Cat Awareness Week

08/08/2012 00:26

The 3rd National Feral Cat Awareness Week is just days away! (11th - 18th August). The aim of the week is to highlight the plight of feral and stray cats in Ireland, promote trap/neuter/return as a humane effective solution and educate the public on caring for these cats and improving their quality of life. Please share to get the word out.
You can find out more information at: The 3rd National Feral Cat Awareness Week is just days away! (11th - 18th August). The aim of the week is to highlight the plight of feral and stray cats in Ireland, promote trap/neuter/return as a humane effective solution and educate the public on caring for these cats and improving their quality of life. Please share to get the word out. You can find out more at:

24/05/2012 12:20

We have set up a page on so you can sponsor people fundraising for us and you can also make donations (including Laser payments) this way too. You can find us on here:

Spay/Neuter your pets!

11/04/2012 14:06

While our trap, neuter & return programme is proving to be very successful, we are amazed to come across so many family pets that have not been spayed or neutered. If you have a female cat over 5 months that is not spayed, she WILL become pregnant, if not already. Taking in pregnant cats or dogs is a huge drain on the LSPCA's resources, with regard to both time and money. The LSPCA offer vouchers to people who are unemployed or, for some reason, cannot afford to neuter or spay their animal. If you fall into this category, contact us and we will try to help.

Wildlife First Aid Information

01/03/2012 09:06

Wildlife First Aid Information, now available online!

TNR Programme

31/01/2012 09:00

We are currently running a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) programme on a colony of feral (wild) cats on the outskirts of Portlaoise town. If you have a problem with feral cats in your area, please contact us with details of where you are and how many cats are in the area.